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Ministry Staff

Ministry Staff

All of our ministry sites, including schools, camps, thrift stores and medical clinics require administrative support in roles such as accountants, administrative assistants and facilities-maintenance personnel, to name a few. If God is leading you to serve with us in such a capacity, please contact one of our local ministries.

Full-time ministry staff are eligible for paid time off, sick leave and health benefits.

Areas of Service

Administration—Our administrative ministry staff empower and lend much needed support to World Impact. By serving as accountants, human-resource professionals, office managers and other business administrators, the ministry staff ensure the sustainability of our organization and ministry.

Support Ministries—Some of the Ministry staff serve in our demonstrating compassion and justice ministries as camp staff, thrift-store clerks, property managers, medical-clinic coordinators and much more. They play an integral role that shares the love of Christ.


  • Believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
  • Be committed to obeying the Bible as your standard of living
  • Be committed to discipleship and seeing others come to know Christ as their Savior
  • Be able to fulfill the various job requirements of the unique position for which one applies

Application Process

  1. Pre-application—A short questionnaire
  2. Support Staff Application—A written application
  3. On-site Interview—An interview at the respective World Impact ministry location
  4. Background Check—A criminal history background check at no cost to the applicant

If you are interested in applying please contact us and we will be in touch with you soon!

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