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Dan Smith


Dan Smith

Camp Director | Morning Star Ranch

During his senior year of college, Dan attended the Urbana Missions Conference, a gathering of over 15,000 college students, and sensed a desire to make himself available to the Lord to be part of world evangelism.  That led to eventually serving with World Impact at the west coast regional camp and then to Morning Star Ranch.  Along with his wife, Christine, they have developed a heart for providing a place and a way for urban children, youth, men, and women to spend time with the Lord and with each other in an outdoor setting through camps, conferences, and retreats.

Both Dan and Christine grew up in Kansas, greatly enjoy the beauty and character of the Flint Hills where Morning Star Ranch is located, and are so thankful to serve here and see how God draws people to Himself in this place!

To learn more about Dan, check out his blog.

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