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George Yunis

Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

George is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and as SVP of Strategic Partnerships, is responsible for leading the Marketing, Mission Effectiveness and Development Teams at World Impact.

With a career spanning nearly three decades in organizations from 25 – 250,000 employees in size, George brings a wide range of experience focused on organizational innovation and business development in the hospitality, managed services, marketing agency and SaaS technology sectors.

George and his wife Vilma have two daughters, and all are multi-lingual with Spanish, Portuguese and English spoken on any given day at home. The son of Latin American immigrants, he was drawn to the impact of serving others by witnessing his mother’s career as a Social Worker and his time working and residing in Mexico.

George and his wife are foodies and accomplished cooks, and he is always ready to hit the tennis court. Members of North Point Community Church, he is involved as a small group leader in both the High School Boys and Men’s Ministries and never misses Sunday mornings as a volunteer caring for toddlers and babies.

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