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Jennifer Cotto


Jennifer Cotto

Regional Director of Operations | East

Jennifer Cotto was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She moved to Florida when she was 13. Jennifer came to know the Lord in Florida a few years later when she was involved in the Food Bank ministry at her church. Not long after, she felt a call from the Lord to move back to Newark. When she returned, Jennifer felt her passion and heart for the city of Newark return as well.  

Jennifer worked as a paralegal for over 5 years. She has a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and Sociology. She became familiar with World Impact through a DVULI Initiative interview and program where she met Rev. Keith Wilks Sr. He shared his heart for the people World Impact serves and she was sold on the mission. World Impact was the kind of ministry she had been asking the Lord to send her, and the fact that it is an urban context brought even more joy. Jennifer loves her city and the young people in it.

Jennifer serves as the East Regional Director of Operations. She also volunteers as Youth Leader in a local church in Newark called Iglesia Fuente De Vida/ Fountain of Life Church. She’s excited about her role here at World Impact and is eager to see what other gifts God will unveil in her time here. In her spare time, Jennifer likes to read, play softball, and spend time with the youth, her family, and her dog Jazzi. 

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