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Mary Flin


Mary Flin

City Director | Topeka, KS

Mary Flin graduated from Manhattan Christian College in 1986 with a B.S. in Bible/Christian Education and an Emphasis in Counseling. She was co-owner of a small business for 17 years and pastor’s wife in Northeast Kansas for 23 years until her husband’s death in 2003. During those more rural ministry years, she served in the areas of music, drama and Christian education and helped begin a new house church. 

In 2007 Mary moved to Topeka to work for State government. When World Impact Missionaries visited her church and shared the vision of advancing the Kingdom through the Urban Church, she began exploring World Impact and learned about The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI). Along with several community leaders and her pastors, she was part of the launch of TUMI Topeka with the pilot class in 2011 and is now City Director for World Impact’s Topeka ministry. She continues to be amazed at what God is doing in the city. Her greatest desire is to help empower urban Christian leaders to advance the Kingdom of God through the local Church in the most difficult corners of our cities. 

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