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Partnering to Plant Urban Churches

World Impact partners with urban ministers all over the United States by providing resources and encouragement. These men and women are part of a growing network of World Impact Associates. Their stories are inspiring, and God is using them to transform their communities. Read some of their stories here and here.

The Associates Program allows urban ministry leaders to focus on their role in the church and the community. Many are bi-vocational, and a small stipend allows them more time to minister. These urban leaders working in the city find hope when someone comes along side of them and says, “We believe in you and what you are doing.” This encouragement pushes them and us to transform communities together. God is choosing the poor—immigrants, victims of abuse and neglect, fast-food workers and former prisoners—to be rich in faith and to inherit the Kingdom (James 2:5).

If you or someone you know is an experienced church planter who is looking to plant urban churches with a partner, please contact us

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