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The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI)

Transforming Inner Cities

As the national training arm of World Impact, The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) equips leadership for the urban church, especially among the poor, in order to advance the Kingdom of God. Founded in 1995, TUMI has been dedicated to empower church planting movements to reach and transform America's inner cities, as well as cities around the world.

In strategic partnership with churches, organizations, and church traditions, we establish training centers, TUMI Satellites, enabling urban churches and ministries to provide emerging leaders with affordable, effective resources for leadership development, church renewal, spiritual formation and pioneer mission.

Currently, we have 294 satellites in 20 countries, with 3,087 students taking classes worldwide. 488 of those students are outside of the U.S. and 1,525 are incarcerated. We have 1,264 graduates.

Each of our local ministry sites hosts a TUMI Satellite to provide training for community leaders. World Impact also partners with denominations, ministries, churches and schools to facilitate TUMI satellites to train their leaders. We are also developing satellite locations in prisons and jails through our partnership with Prison Fellowship. You can view the satellite locations and ministry partners on our TUMI Satellite Map

Explore Our TUMI Resources

TUMI is wholly committed to retrieving the Great Tradition for the revitalization of the urban church to empower and impact urban neighborhoods for Christ. Check out the TUMI website to look further into partnerships and initiatives to see how we can partner together for the expansion of the Kingdom of God. Our partnerships and initiatives include:

Establishing TUMI Satellites—TUMI satellites are sister ministries, whether located in a church, Christian organization or mission, that meet our requirements to equip leaders for the urban church, especially among the poor, in order to advance the Kingdom of God in the city.

Capstone Curriculum—The Capstone Curriculum is a 16-module training program, taught at a seminary level, which we specifically designed to serve as the most essential knowledge and skill learning necessary for effective urban ministry and church leadership.

The SIAFU Network— SIAFU is a national association of chapters anchored in local urban churches and ministries designed to identify, equip and release spiritually qualified servant leaders to reach and transform the poorest unreached communities in urban America.

Let God Arise! Prayer Movement—We designed Let God Arise! Prayer Movement resources to help people pray specifically for the transformation of their city. 

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