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Our Evangel School of Urban Church Planting is for Christian workers who want to plant healthy churches among the urban poor. Our training is specifically designed to equip teams to reach under-resourced communities. Neighborhoods flourish when healthy, reproducing churches are planted among the urban poor.

Prospective church planters receive coaching and training from seasoned urban church planters who help them develop a plan for church structure, services, outreach, finances, discipleship, and leadership development.

Students emerge empowered, equipped, and ready to activate their calling to plant churches and share the good news of Jesus Christ in their own communities.

Urban church planters are equipped to plant healthy churches

When you partner with World Impact, you ensure that urban church planters get the resources and support they need to plant and sustain healthy churches in communities of poverty.


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Training takes leaders from passion to action

In the spring of 2017, Pastor Joseph of the Evangelical Bengali Church in Queens had already started outreach in Jackson Heights but had a yearning for more. When he heard about World Impact’s Evangel Schools, he arranged to meet with two deans of the Newark Evangel School of Urban Church Planting. During this meeting, they arranged for Oliver, a leader in his church, to attend the Evangel School of Church Planting in June.

After Oliver’s training with Bob and Luke, it did not take long to see positive results. One week after Oliver returned, Pastor Joseph met with the two deans again. “Oliver is a changed man,” he said. “We need more of this.”

A New Movement

Soon after, the deans decided that the Evangel Dean School in Wichita, Kansas, would enable Pastor Joseph, Oliver, and the Bengali leadership team to teach their own Evangel Schools.

The training they received inspired them so much that they began to take steps towards translating the Dean Manual and Ripe For Harvest books into their native language, saying, “we need this curriculum for church planting in Bangladesh!”

Less than .03% of Bengalis are Christian, and the country’s Islamic government can give harsh consequences to those believers. Pastor Joseph himself had left his country to escape the persecution, but he and his congregation were passionate about reaching their people back in Bangladesh. Translating these materials enabled them to train their own church planters in their native tongue and equip them to spread the Gospel to a nation that has not heard of Christ’s love. World Impact helped them begin the translation of the curriculum into Bangla.

In February 2018, seven more planters attended another Evangel School in Newark. They were commissioned to plant three churches targeting 100,000+ Bengali Muslims in the New York Metropolitan area at the end of their training.

International Impact

Pastor Joseph returned to Bangladesh in March 2018 and hosted an Evangel School of Urban Church Planting for twenty-seven Christian leaders there. Afterward, he told World Impact’s deans that he wanted to translate and refine the field manual version and be certified to certify other deans in Bangladesh, so he could start what he called a “church planting movement in Bangladesh.”

Pastor Joseph’s vision of a movement in Bangladesh by no means slowed things back in America. Leaders were continuously being commissioned for training and then leaving well equipped to focus on Bangladesh outreach or to stay in New York and reach local Bengali communities.

Pastor Joseph traveled to Bangladesh again, two years later, to facilitate more church plant training for local pastors and church planters. World Impact partnered with Joseph to ensure the Bengali Christians had what they needed to spread the Gospel and plant more churches without financial strain. From these trainings, churches were planted in Bangladesh, many which were filled with believers from Muslim backgrounds.

A Flourishing and Ambitious Vision

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the work of Pastor Joseph’s church plant movement did not slow down. In 2021, the work continued with eleven church planters and leaders commissioned, representing six denominations and six different areas in Bangladesh. Their vision is to host an additional ten schools in the next two years.

In four years (and counting), the partnership between Pastor Joseph, his leaders, and World Impact has positively affected thousands, both at home and in Bangladesh; their work continues to flourish. This story shows that when pastors and leaders are given the tools and resources they need to succeed, they will.

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