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Empowering the Urban Poor

The Church and Empowerment

Only the Church is able to holistically empower the urban poor. We use church planting to minister to the whole person and the whole family in urban America. World Impact reflects the heart of the Sovereign Lord, ministering in the below ways.



By the power of God, World Impact catalyzes church-planting movements among the inner-city poor.

These church plants are intentionally cross-cultural and relevant to the neighbors and immigrants they seek to serve. Our churches raise whole families with sound biblical teaching. Planting churches empowers urban families, who will restore health and vitality to their communities.

Specific ministries, like our Urban Men's Retreat, equip men to be the leaders of integrity that they need to be in the city. Our teen ministries prepare youth for a lifelong and spiritually-rich walk with the Lord.



The Church is equipped to deal with the spiritual issues that lead to pervasive broken families.

Our churches are prepared to walk alongside our single-parent households. Through church planting, various other ministries and Christian schools that involve whole families, World Impact invites whole families back into the unity and Lordship of Christ.

World Impact also provides environments in which God can deeply heal individuals and broken families. Hundreds of urban children, teenagers and families attend our two camp and conference centers. Teenagers enjoy swimming, zip lines, leaps of faith, climbing walls, paintball and a variety of challenging activities. Parents enjoy family vacations and extraordinary men's and women's retreats.



World Impact schools empower children from our Bible clubs and church plants for a life of discipleship.

After-school and tutoring programs equip students with the skills they need to succeed through high school and beyond. World Impact emphasizes academic excellence, Christian character and confidence to prepare these future Christian leaders to be contributing, influential members of society.

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) makes a seminary-level, theological training financially and culturally accessible to the urban poor and incarcerated. Taught in language and methods understood by urban students, TUMI develops leaders prepared for Kingdom work in the city.

Planting churches empowers urban families to become agents of change within their own communities. With God's power, World Impact works to establish His justice in our cities that are plagued by systemic injustices.



God has prepared the Church to be His hands and feet, meeting the many needs of our urban poor neighbors.

Thrift-store ministries provide our neighbors with deeply-discounted clothes and household furnishings. World Impact provides leadership education and job training opportunities, preparing people to step up and out of cyclical poverty.

Church-plant communities are ready to support and stand with families experiencing poverty. World Impact responds with compassionate ministries like emergency food and clothing distribution.

We also operate several health, dental and eye clinics to provide accessible health care to neighbors in need. World Impact functions as part of the Church that holistically empowers the urban poor of America.

Evangelism, Discipleship and Church Planting

Since our founding more than 40 years ago, World Impact has spoken prophetically regarding God's election of the poor, the benign neglect of the evangelical church of America's inner city poor, and the need for evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in unreached urban poor communities.  We believe that credible urban mission must demonstrate the Gospel, testifying in both the proclaimed word and concrete action.  In light of this, we have emphasized living in the communities we serve, ministering to the needs of the whole person, as well as to the members of the whole urban family.  We have sought this witness with a goal to see communities reached and transformed by Christ, believing that those who live in the city and are poor can be empowered to live in the freedom, wholeness, and justice of the Kingdom of God fleshed out in local churches and viable urban church planting movements.

World Impact unashamedly focuses its time and attention on evangelizing, equipping, and empowering those in communities hardest hit by our recessions, economic blight, and all the by-products of violence, crime, broken family, and the overall desperation that poverty and hopelessness brings. World Impact strives to plant as many churches as fast as possible among the various cultures represented by the urban poor, in all of our cities and beyond.  All that we do in mission and in justice (from our camps, our schools, our businesses, medical and dental clinics, our work in the jails and the prisons, and most important of all, our missionary church planting and leadership development efforts) contribute to this empowerment work.  Rather than merely meet needs or serve as patrons to the poor, we believe that the Spirit of God can win them, raise up leaders, empower them to lead, and release them as laborers in their very own communities as ambassadors of Christ.

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