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Chester, Pennsylvania


World Impact In
Chester, Pennsylvania

1002 Booth St.

Chester, PA 19013

Phone: (610) 872-9220

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On January 9, 1988, World Impact’s first missionaries to Chester set foot in McCafferty Village to share the love of Christ in a needy neighborhood. Since then, World Impact Chester has planted the Chester’s Refuge in Christ Church. Church-planting efforts continue through our experienced church-planters, and the ministry has expanded to include The Urban Ministry Institute, and a SIAFU Training home.

TUMI Chester offered their first courses in September 2007. With qualified and dedicated mentors, TUMI Chester has supported existing churches and World Impact's church-planting efforts by equipping and empowering urban leaders with seminary-level education. Since 2010, TUMI Chester has also been providing seminary-level training to qualified, Christian inmates, recommended by the Chaplain at the State Correctional Institute-Chester. Raj and Rebecca Lewis are establishing a SIAFU Leadership Home to help incarcerated TUMI students continue education, pursue ministry, and receive employment training. Dr. Rick Horne, TUMI site coordinator, in association with The Christian Counseling Educational Foundation, developed a pastoral counseling course for church leaders.

As a way to serve the community, the church-plant team also partners with a Homework Club once a week that provides assistance with homework and offers other educational help to community children.

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