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San Diego, California

San Diego

World Impact In
San Diego, California

4002 National Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

Phone: (619) 263-3563

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The current ministry emphasis in San Diego is in the City Heights neighborhood. This multi-cultural community is made up of residents who emigrated from more than 60 countries and speak more than 90 different languages and dialects.

The cultural diversity of City Heights reflects a great religious diversity, as well.  Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism and Jehovah's Witness, each has a strong presence in the community.

It is our prayer that the clear presentation of the gospel will result in a gathering of true worshipers, who own the vision to plant churches in City Heights. Our ministry in the community takes many different forms, including door-to-door evangelism, teaching English as a Second Language, small group Bible studies, kids/teen clubs, as well as a regular Church services.

The Urban Ministry Institute

Over the past ten years, we have seen 164 students take classes in our local satellite as we provide theological training for the urban church.  We have also helped several other satellite campuses get started in or around San Diego, giving us confidence that the urban church is growing in spiritual maturity.  We currently offer four TUMI classes a week, two in Spanish and two in English.  Twenty-eight students from ten different churches, some of which we have helped plant, are enrolled in classes.  Most are from young churches with a desire to grow and to multiply, so we are excited for our future leaders.

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