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The Bay Area, California

The Bay Area

World Impact In
The Bay Area, California

1017 Campbell Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: (510) 763-0352
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World Impact Bay Area desires to serve the people of West Oakland and San Francisco by equipping and empowering them through the power of Jesus and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. City Director Rev. Curtis Flemming leads a team of committed partners and volunteers in planting churches, training indigenous leaders and compassionately meeting the needs of these communities.

Bay Community Fellowship is our hub church, strategically located on a corner between an elementary school and a 180-unit housing project. God has granted favorable relationships with our neighbors providing opportunities for service and influence. We currently tutor in the school and have been invited to provide programming in the housing project's community center. The church meets twice weekly for corporate worship and is active in the community throughout the week, meeting the needs of our neighbors. We are positioned to be salt and light in our community and are excited to pursue our mission of establishing an indigenous local church in this community.

The Bay Community Fellowship seeks to be a healthy biblical community of holy people: multiplying disciples, leaders, groups and churches. Fulfillment of this vision requires that the Bay Community Fellowship be a healthy church with Spirit-filled leaders, who continuously work a plan to fulfill our expected outcomes.

As part of our church-planting efforts, World Impact Bay Area networks with urban churches that are focused on under-resourced communities. We believe that encouraging and strengthening urban churches is the most effective way of reproducing and multiplying them. Network church pastors have an opportunity to pray and partner with other local pastors. A key component in strengthening these churches is the placement of Leadership Training Homes at or near our network churches. These hub churches within the network provide a great reciprocal relationship where urban pastors are able to mentor our leaders in training. In addition, these leadership homes provide needed staffing for the local urban church. Training homes currently exist in San Francisco and Oakland. A new training home is slated to begin early next year.


The Urban Ministry Institute

The Urban Ministry Institute of San Francisco is committed to training indigenous leaders who can help transform urban communities. TUMI Bay Area desires to build Christian leaders who can provide strong leadership for new church plants and existing urban churches. In Oakland, we work with students who are active in local church leadership as well as with graduates from Christian-based sobriety programs who are active in service at local churches. The Leadership Training Home allows students to live on site in order to focus on TUMI courses and minister at Bay Community Fellowship and other approved indigenous churches. Our TUMI graduates serve as leaders in their churches, lead other Leadership Training homes, rightly divide the Word of God and minister to their neighbors and community in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Prisoners to Pastors

World Impact believes that certain men in prison have been chosen by God to lead the poor and the broken. Men's Pastoral Training homes exist in both Richmond and West Oakland. These homes are designed and built under the guidance and support of World Impact. Funding and resourcing is also met through partnerships with Serve California, Men's Prison Fellowship and TUMI. Each home is paired with a local urban church and pastor. Qualifying men who are released from prison can live in these homes while they complete their TUMI training and prepare for pastoral leadership. They serve in the local church and are discipled by the local pastor. Once these men graduate from TUMI, World Impact will help them plant their own churches in other urban communities.


Affordable Child Care

Bay Area Director Curtis Flemming has begun Child Care to serve needy families in the West Oakland Community. Parents who work 2-3 jobs can breath a little easier knowing that their child is taken care of in a loving Christian environment. Flemming uses World Impact's West Oakland center for this service.


Community Breakfast

Every Saturday World Impact and Bay Community Fellowship Church opens their doors to the neighborhood for a free meal and sermon. Local pastors and churches partner with World Impact to provide a warm meal, a mini sermon and prayer for those in need. This event happens every Saturday morning and is widely attended. It also offers locals a chance to become involved with the church by allowing them to cook and serve the food.

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