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Topeka, KS


World Impact In
Topeka, Kansas

1023 SW 8th Ave
Topeka, KS 66606

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World Impact has partnered with local ministry happening in Topeka since 2011, but in 2015 Topeka became an official World Impact ministry site. We are very excited to expand our reach in this city and continue to build upon the fertile ground in urban neighborhoods that has been cared for already by so many local, urban churches that we are proud to call partners.

A Topeka team went through the fall 2015 Dean Training at Evangel Church Plant School. The team took back a wealth of knowledge and fully expects churches to be launched through indigenous leaders in the next three years.

Our Topeka team consists of one director and a young missionary family that lives in both Wichita and Topeka. This small team is mighty in power due to all the missional partnerships we enjoy in Topeka. Local pastors and church bodies along with TUMI students and SIAFU members join forces to take their city for Christ, our Victor!

Topeka has two TUMI satellites, including TUMI Topeka, which partners with local churches and the Topeka Rescue Mission Center for Leadership Development (CBLD). Topeka also partners with the county jail to provide training and encouragement for the church inside using the Fight the Good Fight of Faith course recently released by TUMI. Currently, two SIAFU Chapters meet in Topeka, one hosted by a local church and the other by Topeka Rescue Mission.

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