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World Impact In
Wichita, Kansas

135 E Douglas
Wichita, KS 67202

Phone: (316) 201-1430

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World Impact has maintained a presence in Wichita since 1972 and is now the regional hub location for our Midwest Ministry. Some of our senior national leaders live and work through the Wichita office along with regional and local staff as they create and maintain ministry throughout the entire Midwest Region. Known as “The Air Capital of the World,” Wichita has multiple pockets of poverty throughout the city where we are reaching out in the name of Christ, our Victor.

In 2008, Christ the Victor (CTV) church planting movement was launched as a single church pursuing a powerful identity as victors in Christ and an ambitious mission to reproduce healthy churches. Since then, we have seen CTV churches begin in both English and Spanish through indigenous church leaders and have partnered with existing churches that wish to be a part of the movement. Our CTV churches and close partner churches, some of which were planted by World Impact, all participate in the rich life of the Urban Church Association.

Learn more about our church planting.

We understand that so many great ministries are already reaching the city and it is our desire to come alongside them so that both ministries can glean and offer any expertise the other might have to offer. The Body of Christ is strongest and most effective when working together.

In recent years, there has been a great increase in the number of ministry relationships developed throughout our Midwest Region. Friendships with churches and like-minded ministries are a great starting point for sharing knowledge and resources. The Urban Church Association (UCA) is a strategic way we bring these relationships together, with the number of involved churches consistently growing. Pastors and leaders from various sizes and types of churches and ministries come to be a part of something bigger, to link arms with each other for encouragement, prayer, and the sharing of ideas and resources. Many of our regional events, conferences and retreats come out of the UCA.

Christ the Victor Leadership School (CTVLS) – TUMI Satellite

CTVLS is dedicated to facilitating church planting movements by training leaders from our Christ the Victor Churches as well as other urban churches in our area. We believe that God is moving in our city and preparing men and women to be powerful leaders in our urban churches. At any given class meeting, a former inmate may be sitting next to the missions outreach pastor at a large, local church. A World Impact missionary may be sitting right next to a pastor that is partnering with her in church planting. Our Wichita leadership school instructor also teaches class in the Hutchinson Correctional Facility with hopes of seeing these men fully trained and then released to be about church planting in the city!

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Retreats & Conferences

As a regional ministry hub, Wichita is host to many local, regional and national conferences and retreats such as Evangel Church Plant School Dean Training, World Impact’s Candidate Assessment Program for new missionary staff, Christ the Victor Annual Conference and so much more. We also use Morning Star Ranch Camp and Conference Center in Florence, Kansas for our large, regional events such as Men’s and Women’s Retreats and Conferences, urban family camps and UCA leadership retreats.

Learn more about our Hospitality Ministry.

Ministry Developers

World Impact is committed to the empowerment of indigenous leaders to facilitate efforts in expanding as many healthy church plants as quickly as possible. Through our Associates program, indigenous contractors and ministry support staff, we are able to employ leaders in Wichita that are already planting churches, facilitating TUMI sites, establishing church associations or SIAFU chapters and participating in other urban ministry.

Mobile Medical Clinic

The World Impact Mobile Medical Clinic is a 35-foot medical van that is fully equipped with exam and treatment rooms and medical equipment to offer free, acute medical services in urban poor neighborhoods. Through partnerships with local churches, the volunteer medical providers and the church volunteers are able to serve the medical needs of residents while offering an outreach opportunity in those communities. The Mobile provides a tangible avenue for these churches to connect with people in their respective communities, providing patients not only with the medical care they need but also with more ongoing spiritual care as they connect with the churches.

Learn more about the Mobile Medical Ministry.

World Impact Thrift Store (WITS)

World Impact Thrift Store (WITS) is committed to sharing and showing the love of Jesus Christ by providing affordable merchandise to our friends and neighbors in the city. Through a partnership program we are able to receive men and women as valuable volunteers who otherwise have had difficulty securing employment. They are a joy and much-needed addition to our store staff. From baby clothes to furniture to household items of all types, we offer items at a reasonable price most can afford. We take pride in providing quality goods given with love by our donors. Funds generated through WITS sales help support the mission of World Impact Midwest.

Learn more about WITS.

Incarceration to Incorporation (I2I)

I2I is one of our newest initiatives within World Impact. We begin walking alongside men and women while they are still incarcerated through our TUMI classes and mentor relationships. Once on the outside, they can choose to transition to a discipleship home where they will be fed physically and spiritually and able to reintegrate into society. World Impact Wichita is proud to partner with local ministries that operate the transitional homes. Many of the residents continue their TUMI training through CTVLS, our Wichita TUMI site, and form mentor relationships to continue their spiritual growth.

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