We come alongside church leaders with ministry training to build their local church

World Impact has an abundance of resources for urban leaders and partners. From personal devotions to welcoming returning citizens, find a selection of resources to bless you and your ministry.

Free Resources

30 Days of Reflection and Restoration written by urban leaders across the country.

30 Days of Encouragement and Freedom written by those who are currently incarcerated, returning citizens, or mentors of those coming out of prison.

30 Days of Reflection and Hope. Written by participants, missionaries, staff, and partners of World Impact, both past and present.

We set out to evaluate our efforts regarding training urban church planters and the effect of their congregations on their communities.

Resources for Purchase

How can the people of God develop churches in ways that help and don’t hurt poor neighborhoods?

Need discipleship curriculum for the urban context?

Welcome returning citizens from prison into your church.

Through this retreat workbook, you will be encouraged to embrace your story, your testimony of Christ’s redemption in your life.

Men of the Word must be equipped to fight the spiritual battle that rages around us every day.

This resource is a great introduction to our church planting approach.

30 Days in the Word and Prayer


30 Days in the Word and Prayer