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Effective Urban Church Planting

Effective Urban Church Planting

Our mission statement is, “World Impact empowers urban leaders, and partners with local churches to reach their city with the Gospel.”  To truly live into our mission statement, it is important to know who our urban leaders are, and what it means to empower them. To answer these questions, we recently conducted research sponsored by The Pinetops Foundation. We set out to evaluate our efforts regarding training urban church planters and the effect of their congregations on their communities. From these insights, we hope to enhance our training to serve them better.

Based on feedback of the church planters, Evangel has been a relevant tool for the leaders we serve. From its accessibility to its content, it is tailor-made to fit their needs. We praise God for the work of urban church planters, and the transformative power their churches have in the local community. We pray that God will continue to reveal ways that we can best serve and equip urban leaders with tools that are relevant to their context. Read the full report of our research below.

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