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Los Angeles Christian School

Los Angeles Christian School

Los Angeles Christian School

1620 W. 20th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Phone: (323) 735-2867
Principal: Sara Marroquin

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About Us

Los Angeles Christian School (LACS) is a mission school founded in 1982 to facilitate World Impact’s discipleship and church-planting goals. Our elementary and middle-school campuses are located near downtown Los Angeles and currently serve more than 100 students. We operate only one class per grade level and limit class size to no more than 16 students. Our efforts to develop well-grounded students are based on the LACS Triangle, a functional model providing consistent, coordinated training from the three primary authority figures in each child’s life: teacher, pastor and parent.

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Local Community and Student Body

Our student body is comprised of predominately Hispanic children from under-resourced neighborhoods. Priority admission is offered to children whose families are involved with World Impact church plants or if they are members church of the Urban Pastor’s Association.


Our curriculum addresses both the academic and spiritual development of our students. The academic curriculum meets all California state requirements. Language arts, math, social studies, science, health and physical education are taught at each grade level. Depending upon our teaching (or volunteer) staff, we also provide music, art, computer and technology education. We stress an integrated curriculum with an emphasis on literacy development and critical thinking skills.

We teach the Bible at all grade levels, and biblical truth is integrated into the curriculum when appropriate. All students memorize Bible verses, which they recite during weekly chapels. Classes begin each day with prayer and devotions. Christian values are taught, emphasized and modeled by all the school staff.

Student Sponsorship

Student sponsorship supplements tuition for our students. Sponsorship is $500 per year per student and may be paid in full or as $50 monthly payments.

We encourage our sponsors to connect with their students. Notes and small gifts, pictures and prayer requests are great ways to engage with our school children.

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Teaching Staff

Our school is staffed by dedicated missionary teachers who are called by God to serve in under resourced communities. Our teachers raise financial support and live in the neighborhoods where they teach.

To teach at LACS, please contact us to get more information.

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