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Newark Christian School

Newark Christian School

Newark Christian School

275 Sussex Avenue
Newark, NJ 07107

Phone: (973) 483-3833
Principal: Mr. Steve Larson

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About Us

Newark Christian School (NCS) is a mission school founded in 1984 to support World Impact’s discipleship and church-planting goals. To extend the learning experience, we have an after-care program and a summer day camp.

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Local Community and Student Body

The families NCS serves are diverse, made up of  African-Americans, immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean, South and Central America.


Each grade has a Bible class designed to encourage an interest in knowing and serving God, and biblical topics are incorporated across the curriculum. Field trips and specials, such as Geography Day and Science Day, supplement the academic curriculum. Each class has physical education three times a week as well as weekly library and music classes. Older students learn to play chess during their lunch periods in addition to skills like fencing during after-school clubs.

We are in the process of reorganizing the school into three pods allowing for highly differentiated instruction, kindergarten through grade two, grades three through five, and grades six through eight, each with its own special emphasis. The primary grades will focus on reading, mathematics, intellectual curiosity and a love for learning. The middle grades will focus on helping students transition into taking individual responsibility for their continued learning, and the upper grades will focus on leadership.

Student Sponsorship

Student sponsorship supplements tuition for our students. Sponsorship is $500 per year per student and may be paid in full or as $50 monthly payments.

We encourage sponsors to connect with their students. One way to connect is through our annual student sponsorship luncheon, which allows sponsors to eat with their students and to watch a dress rehearsal of the annual spring program.

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Teaching Staff

Our school is staffed by dedicated missionary teachers who are called by God to serve in under resourced communities. Our teachers raise financial support and live in the neighborhoods where they teach.

To teach at NCS, please contact us to get more information.

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