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Our Strategic Vision

Our dream is for a healthy church in every community of poverty. By 2023, we will have actively served 700 partners, empowering 50,000 workers in communities of poverty. 

Transforming Communities Together

Who is World Impact?

World Impact empowers urban leaders and partners with local churches to reach their cities with the Gospel — extending the truth, love, grace and justice of God in the city.

We believe that the best way to change our world is the hope of the Gospel in our cities. The best way to declare that hope is to partner with denominations, networks, and local church leaders. And the best way to partner with them is through relationships.

Our roots go back 50 years with evangelistic kids' clubs — from Los Angeles, California, to Wichita, Kansas, and beyond. As the children we reached grew up, we saw the need for urban churches and the empowerment of church leaders to continue to transform their communities from within.

Who is World Impact?

Why World Impact?

According to The Center for the Study of Global Christianity, only 5% of the world's church leaders are trained for ministry. Everything at World Impact is focused on training and equipping church leaders — making resources affordable and accessible to as many as possible. We exist to serve people who minister in communities of poverty — affirming their call and vocation. They are the transforming agents in their community.

Why World Impact?

How is World Impact Unique?

World Impact is perfectly positioned to train urban church leaders. 

World Impact champions the ability of the urban poor to own and lead ministry. We believe in the power of community insiders.

World Impact is kingdom focused. By holding tight to the historical Christian Traditions rather than denominational differences, we attract a wide range of Kingdom-minded partners.

World Impact is trusted. Our decades of experience in urban America bring partners to the table — and donors trust us to get resources in the hands of those who need it.

World Impact is global because we are local. Given the increasingly global nature of our country, if we train leaders in major U.S. cities, many will take that training back to their home country, families and friends. 

World Impact has leverage. Our staff is impacting even more leaders by being trainers of trainers. 

How is World Impact Unique?

World Impact Model

Our Model

World Impact is an urban church builder focused on ministry development. 

  1. At the heart of building healthy churches is our “train the trainers” empowering programs. We provide affordable and accessible learning, affirming the call of urban church leaders and workers. This is only possible through generous donors and grants that sponsor our programming costs.
  2. Ministry development in urban communities of poverty depends on mobilization. We partner for collaboration with denominations, ministry networks, and local churches. These collaborations expand the Kingdom.
  3. Anything that is alive grows. We have a global reach by strategically engaging major U.S. cities as gateways to the world. Many times, those trained in the U.S. serve as our ministry developers globally by spreading their learned knowledge in their home country of origin.
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