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In-Kind Gifts

Support Us Through In-Kind Gifts

Non-cash gifts including vehicles, boats, securities, real estate, clothing furniture and household items are great ways to support the work that God is doing through us.

Vehicles and Boats

Donated vehicles and boats can often be used directly by our missionaries. Please contact the ministry site nearest you. World Impact has retained Cars2Charities to receive gifts of vehicles and boats if you are not located near us. They will efficiently sell your gift and send the proceeds to us, after deducting a processing fee. 


Stocks, bonds and mutual funds make great gifts. Donors receive a tax deduction and save capital gains taxes, and World Impact receives the full fair-market value of security. Our policy is to sell gifts of securities when received and put the proceeds to use as designated by the donor. Contact us for more information. 

Real Estate

Residential, commercial or undeveloped real-estate gifts can result in a substantial benefit to World Impact and provide the donor with a tax deduction and savings on capital gains taxes. In most cases, the donated asset will be sold and the proceeds used in our programs are designated by the donor. Contact us for more information.

Clothing, Furniture and Household Items

Household items are always needed by our missionaries and the people in the communities to whom we minister. Please contact the ministry site closest to you for more information. All gifts are tax deductible. 

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