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Planned Giving

Donate Through Planned Giving

We offer several options that allow you to invest your resources long-term in the way that best fits your unique financial situation. To learn more, review the chart below, noting the options that interest you, complete and submit the simple form. We will contact you via email to set up an appointment to discuss your preferences.

Giving Method Ministry Benefit Tax Benefit Income to You Lifetime Control Capital Gains Savings
Estate Planning X X X X X
Will X X   X  
Gift Annuity X X X   X
Employee Matching Gift X X      
Vehicles X X      
Securities X X     X
Combined Federal Campaign X X      
United Way X X      
Real Estate X X     X
Trusts X X X X  
Life Insurance X Depends on policy Depends on policy Depends on policy Depends on policy
Cash Gift X X      
Memorials X X X X X
Life Estate Agreement X X     X
Bank Account and IRAs X X X X X
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