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King's Kids Bible Club

Seventeen years ago, a World Impact church plant in Newark started the King's Kids Bible Club on a Saturday morning. Today it continues to reach children in the neighborhood surrounding the Newark Christian School building—especially un-churched children — to evangelize, equip and empower them to follow Christ, even in their youth. The club's vision is to see entire families led to Christ through these children. In the coming year, there will be regular family movie nights co-sponsored by King's Kids and World Impact Community Church in an effort to reach the extended family.

DeeDee is one of the children whose family was impacted for Christ through the ministry. Her two older brothers, Daquan and Darnell have been attending King's Kids for four years. During their first year and a half, they struggled with getting along with other children. Occasionally, the boys were sent home for their behavior. Although they were angry and frustrated, they kept coming back, to the safe environment of King's Kids.

Daquan made a commitment to follow Jesus in December 2010 and Darnell in January 2012. There wasn't a significant outward change at first, but God is gradually transforming these two brothers. The boys are becoming more cooperative and attentive during  the Bible teaching, and their behavior toward the other children is improving. They demonstrate more control over their anger and are more apt to listen to correction rather than shift the blame. Although memorizing is not easy for either of them, they have work hard to learn their memory verses.

Their mother is thankful for the influence King's Kids has had on her children. We are praying for the day when they will come to church as a family. 


Newark Christian School Provides More Than Education 

On June 12, Newark Christian School held its first eighth-grade graduation. As the graduates shared about their lives and time in school and recited Scripture, they were so poised and confident. The graduation service included sharing by former Newark Christian School graduates on how their education prepared them for high school and college. One graduate was Aziz. When he came to Newark Christian School six years ago, Aziz could barely read. The teachers invested their summers and many Saturdays to strengthen his academic skills. Now Aziz aspires to become a veterinarian—he was even able to take part in a summer program at Cornell.

Newark Christian School students receive  a rich and fulfilling education that includes field trips few adults get to take. Their summers are filled with day camps and even more educational  trips. They win awards in regional and state competitions against the top students in public and private schools. They go on missions trips and make gospel presentations in churches and other schools. With the help of your prayers and financial support our school is writing a powerful letter in the lives of our students. We are excited by the powerful verses they too will write.   


Violent and Passive Men in the Church - Efrem Smith

With the release of the TMZ video showing NFL player Ray Rice punching his then fiancée so hard that she was knocked unconscious, we once again see that domestic violence is a serious and tragic issue among professional athletes. But what about the seriousness of domestic violence within the Church?

I am concerned that domestic abuse is not dealt with  at the level that it should be within the Church. Now you may disagree with me, but let me ask you, when is the last time domestic abuse was brought up biblically within a sermon in your Church? If you would say recently, I would be impressed and envious. I can't tell you the last time I heard a sermon on the topic. I can say to you  that as a Pastor and ministry leader, I have walked with and counseled many couples where domestic abuse was an issue. Over the years I have challenged the men in my congregations about how they treat women. A few times I have had to confront friends and family members when I witnessed how they treated their wives and girlfriends. There have also been the times when I have had to deal with male Pastors who treated their wives as second class citizens. Some of the things I've heard male Pastors say to their wives have hurt me deeply. It also made me wonder what happened when they got home behind closed doors.

I have been deeply challenged lately in my own preaching to deal more often with the issue of violence as the primary means to solve conflict. Too many men know no other way to deal with conflict than to resort to some sort of threatening or violent behavior. The Church must own that this approach to solving conflict with women could be connected to an extreme and misappropriated theology of the man as the head over the woman. I'm not talking about a spiritual leading and serving based on the love of Christ for the Church, but a belief that a woman must do as a man says or face the consequences. The Church must dismantle this dysfunctional and damaging theology and replace it with deep biblical teaching on love and forgiveness as the primary way to solve conflict. There is the significant possibility that violent and hurting men will be sitting in congregations this Sunday. Who will preach to them a word that could deal with and begin to dismantle the demons of violence within?

There is also the possibility that non-violent men who are passive and lack the courage to confront domestic violence will be sitting in congregations this Sunday.. Who will minister to them? The Church can and must deal with the issue of domestic violence. This is not just a problem in the National Football League. This is about a broader culture of violence, sin, and brokenness that can be dismantled through the love and transformation found in Christ.