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Built Up Through Evangel

Built Up Through Evangel

The Wichita ministry recently hosted our third Evangel School of Urban Church Planting. Our team had spent months praying, planning, and walking alongside multiple urban leaders as they were preparing to plant their churches. Now it was time for these churches to be assessed, trained, prayed over, and commissioned to plant churches among the least of these.

One team from the Kansas City area came in with an amazing vision to plant churches inside the walls of prison! Their goal is to connect those potential leaders into discipleship and job training homes when they are released from prison. They would then be incorporated into new church plants on the outside that ministered specifically to former prisoners and their families. The team came into Evangel confident of their vision, but lacked a cohesive plan and team unity to accomplish the vision. After some hard conversations and encouraging the team to work together in unity we saw God at work. The team completely changed and a dynamic, unified vision was formed.

The best part of the weekend by far was worshipping with the three teams. What a blessing to be thanking God together for the amazing work that we saw Him do in each team. After worship we all sat quietly as we listened to each team share a testimony of what God had done. There was hardly a dry eye in the building as we heard about how God had broken them down and built them back up through the training. What a blessing to be able to train and walk alongside such gifted and called leaders from hurting neighborhoods and places that desperately need to hear and see the love of Christ!

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