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Hidden in their Hearts

Hidden in their Hearts

As I look back over the school year I am certainly thankful for the Lord's hand in our Saturday King's Kids program. The Lord continued to bring out a good number of kids each Saturday and although some kids moved away or dropped out, He brought others.

In May, two boys in my group made a commitment to Christ. Only God knows their hearts but they seemed very sincere when I counseled them and they were able to admit they had sin in their hearts, believed Jesus is God who took their punishment on the cross, desired His forgiveness and wanted to follow in His ways.

One of the things we emphasize in King's Kids is learning a memory verse each week. In my own life, I have experienced so much comfort, encouragement, direction and victory over sin by memorizing and meditating on God's Word and long to see these kids experience this also.

This year we had two boys and two girls who learned all their verses for the year. My co-worker Ruth and I took the two boys to play mini-golf as a reward. We all enjoyed ourselves but I am reminded that the much greater reward is the power God's Word, hidden in their hearts, can have in their lives. Please pray for all the children who learned Scripture this year that God will use His Word mightily in their lives!

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