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Ministry Job Training for Ex-Offenders

Who will hire ex-offenders? How can formerly incarcerated men and women with a gifting in ministry successfully transition back into society? Leadership homes exist to bridge the gap between suburban churches, urban churches and ex-offenders looking to serve the Lord through ministry. 

For men like Stephen, their time in prison consecrated a strong faith relationship with Jesus Christ. But upon his release, very little programs are offered to help transition ex-offenders into a position of ministry leadership or pastor. The leadership home is World Impact's vision for men like Stephen to serve the Lord with their gifts and talents, such as cooking. 

It's a proven fact that inmates who are released from prison have a 75% chance of re-offending in the first 3 years. However, if they are involved with a Christian program that offers housing and job training, then that number drastically lowers to 25%. Plus, many of these individuals being released from prison come from urban communities and have experience dealing with issues surrounding crime, drugs and poor communities. That is why going from "prisoner to pastor" is a unique idea. World Impact already is deploying its urban seminary program TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) in over 50 prisons across the US. And with World Impact leadership homes, ex-offenders can finish their seminary training and be paired with a ministry or church for secured employment.


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