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Urban Church Plants

Urban Church Plants

It is so exciting when we get the privilege to identify, equip and release urban leaders to plant churches and facilitate church planting movements among the unchurched urban poor. So far in 2017, we have chartered three new church plants to go and evangelize, make disciples and establish a new community of the Kingdom in broken, disenfranchised communities. Here’s what your prayers and support are accomplishing to further God’s Kingdom among the poor in our inner cities.

Outside the Walls Church meets in Newton, Kansas. Their vision is to build a Kingdom Community that is multi-ethnic, where the poor, captive, broken, and oppressed find a future and a hope in Christ Jesus our Victor. Since they have been chartered, their church has quickly outgrown the home they were meeting in. They have now moved into a larger building, and the church is still growing!

Christ the Victor Freedom Initiative has the mission to reach out to the Lansing Prison released inmates to create a multi-ethnic intentional Christian community. They want to value sacred worth by acknowledging what we have done yet affirming that we can still be united together through shared spirituality.

New Community Church is a church based out of Kansas City. Their mission is to see the holistic transformation of neighborhoods in Kansas City through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the coming months, we have ten teams we are expecting to strategically equip at our Evangel School of Urban Church Planting. Four of the teams are Spanish. I can’t wait to read their vision statements and churches’ names. The Spirit of our Lord is so creative in birthing His vision in the church planters and their teams.

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