Global Transformation

This past year was one of significant TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute) expansion in Africa. I spent a good portion of November in Kenya and Tanzania on a memorable and productive visit. God is clearly moving with thousands of churches being planted in areas of the greatest need.

I was able to participate in a graduation in Nairobi. Eighty-one pastors and leaders were honored for their study, with another 1,000 participating in the celebration. Speakers, choirs, testimonies stirred all the hearts. The time began with a marching band leading the graduates in uniform down the streets of Nairobi. 

The last speaker was Nadura Waruinge. He was once the feared leader of the Mungiki terror group. He shared how he led 4,000,000 young people and brought terror through ransoms and kidnappings. Thousands were killed during this time. Ten years ago he came to Christ. Now he is planting churches among those he once led. He hopes to begin his TUMI studies in the new year and carry it into the prisons of Kenya, where he has profound influence. 

We spent two days at the Mully Children Family ministry. Charles Mully was once an orphan in the worst ghetto in the world. With God’s grace he came to know Christ, then he became a wealthy business leader. After time he sold all of his businesses and gave himself to raising the orphans. They have 3,500 in residence with them in multiple locations. God is bringing healing and hope to each one. Many go on to be great leaders. We discussed using TUMI in their college training and with the pastors they have great influence with. 

I spent five days with Bishop Charles Sekelwa and his family in Tanzania. I preached in the cathedral with my heart stirred by the choirs and worship. In the midst of this place of great poverty, God is using Bishop to plant a growing number of churches. Currently there are over 100. This coming year he will use TUMI materials to train another 100 church planters to go to the unchurched areas of Tanzania!