Living out the Word

All over the United States, World Impact is partnering with church planters by providing resources, start up costs, encouragement, coaching, mentoring and the encouragement they need. These men and women are part of a growing network of World Impact Associates. Their stories are inspiring, and God is using them to transform their communities.

On the West Coast, one of those Associates is Jennifer Chou. Here is her story in her own words:

“Jesus Knows My Name Ministry began in 2014 soon after I began taking TUMI classes. Since then many people have visited us on Sunday morning to receive food and hear the Gospel. One of them is Denise. Like many people on Skid Row, Denise is alone: her husband and daughter have died, and her only remaining child is in rehab. Denise was a regular attender at our services. On Easter morning, she responded to the worship and message with many tears. ‘How can I pray for you?’ I asked. ‘I'm not sad,’ she said, ‘I'm grateful for God's grace, how He's taken care of me.’  

Denise left but soon returned with a bag of pennies and a cross. ‘I want you to have this,’ she said. I did not want to take her money but she insisted, ‘God wants me to give this to you as the first payment to build his church.’ I accepted her gift.  

My TUMI classes have helped me to know what my gifts are and to accept my calling to ministry.  It is on Sunday mornings at Skid Row, however, that I learn how to live out the Word among those we minister to.”

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