Planting Churches Around the World

Your gifts helped to commission dozens of new church planting movements around the world!

The picture above is a testament of your faith in action. Each person represents a church planting movement that was made possible by your incredible generosity.

The Evangel Dean School Commissioning on April 10 was the culmination of years of strategic prayer and support. Leaders representing East Africa, South Asia, and the United States were commissioned with a unified vision to go start their own Evangel Schools of Urban Church Planting so that we can see a healthy church in every community of poverty.  

Let’s take a trip to Tanzania, Africa, and see how your gift has made a difference…

After completing the Evangel School’s training for church planting in the U.S., Bishop Sekelwa developed a vision to start the same kind of church planting school in under-resourced communities in Tanzania. He is now a dean of an Evangel School of church planting in Tanzania, where 150 church planters have just graduated and have been sent out to plant churches in their communities. Talk about exponential growth!

Thank you for your faithful support in helping to make this possible! This growth is certainly worth celebrating because it is fueled by the genuine love of Christ within a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual Christian community.

“Not only do we want to equip disciples and release them into their communities to make disciples,” explains Evangel Dean School director Bob Engel, “we want to embrace each other as fellow disciples, as members of the same family.” 

Your gift is so vital in making disciples and transforming lives all over the world. Thank you for making a life-changing impact. For more information about how you can fuel church planting movements, click here.