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Committed Leaders

Committed Leaders

As I sit and reflect on these past summer months, I am reminded of the importance of the universal Church body that have faithful and committed leaders. It is such a blessing to be able to train young leaders who have a passion and vision to serve the Lord and others. 

One of these individuals is a young lady by the name of Ingrid. She is a member of our Church body and is a single mom of a three-year-old child. Her love for the Lord is contagious and real. Whenever God’s Word is preached or taught, she sits ready with a pen and pad to take notes. 

Just recently she was appointed Senior Leader over our youth department. For years, our Pastor has been praying that the Lord would send someone to step into this role with passion and commitment. Some would say that she is not ready but her teachable spirit and passion for the Kingdom makes her ready. She acknowledges that she has a lot to learn but she also brings a lot to the table. 

This past year we were blessed to be able to take close to 40 youth to Kids Across America in Missouri. It was a blessing for me to be able to sit back and watch her and her team of five other leaders oversee the youth at camp. Since my time here in Dallas, I have never been able to take our youth to camp and just sit back and allow the youth leaders to take over. This has never happened before and it felt wonderful. Instead of returning home exhausted and burnt out, I returned somewhat refreshed. 

Working with youth requires a calling from the Lord. Not everyone has the type of patience and passion that is needed in order for you not to give up on them. Over these past months she has stayed the course and is focused on her service to the Lord. Please pray for her as she strives to be faithful to the calling on her life. Also, pray for us as we share godly wisdom and counsel with her through this new role she has. 

Thank you for your many years of prayer and support. Your faithfulness is noted and appreciated.

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