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Gates October Prayer Letter

Gates October Prayer Letter

I pray this letter finds you resting in His peace.

One of the ways we empower urban leaders is through church planting. I am uniquely aware of the challenges the urban church faces in the area of church planting. August of 2009, I planted Mending Place, the church I currently pastor. I quickly became frustrated with the lack of context- specific training that was available. I would attend conferences created for our suburban brothers and I would feel overwhelmed and inadequate. Shortly, after arriving home, I would attempt to overlay their model of church planting, organizational structure and leadership development in my urban context.

World Impact’s Evangel School of Urban Church Planting is committed to training, equipping, encouraging, and enabling Christian workers to plant healthy churches among the urban under-resourced.

The training is specifically designed to equip teams to reach their unique communities. During the three-day school, teams receive coaching by seasoned urban church planters who assist the church plant in developing a plan for church structure, services, outreaches, finances, discipleship and leadership development.

Mending Place turned nine years old this past August! As I reflect, I cannot quantify the impact that Evangel has had on the church and my life. I no longer feel like an anomaly. There are great leaders and churches that need to feel comfortable in their own skin. Evangel is one tool that will help the healthy multiplication of churches in the urban environment.

Your faithful generosity makes what we do possible. Thank you.

Dioane Gates

Prayer Request: Divine wisdom and courage.


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