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Gibson April Prayer Letter

Gibson April Prayer Letter

April 1, 2019

Dear Family,

“Hey, don’t I know you?” This is a question I often find myself asking when I am at events and hosting the World Impact booth at events across America. What I did not expect was to have this question at a World Impact sponsored event in Wichita where I thought I would know everyone.

I asked, and she answered, “I’m Tisa, we met at Flavor Fest.” Then it all came back. Last October I was at Flavor Fest, an urban leadership and hip-hop festival in Tampa, FL. While there I met this young couple, who was so on fire for church planting. Their Pastor is a friend of World Impact and leads Evangel Schools of Urban Church Planting all over the world. He has a heart for the lost and is mentoring and preparing this couple to plant a church in Detroit, MI.

So, seeing the Michigan couple I met in Tampa, in Wichita this past February threw me for a loop. In February World Impact hosted a church plant gathering for movement leaders, and to my surprise, this young couple, Tisa and her husband Kirt were attendees! I had the honor of sharing meals and getting to know these two better. I learned their story and bonded with these young church planters. They met at Bible college, fell in love, found housing in Detroit, ended up homeless, and a pastor saw their commitment to their community and brought them to Grand Rapids to make them Church Plant interns.

These two are the future of the local church that will proclaim the Gospel and meet the needs of their urban community. Tisa and Kirt represent the type of connection I love to make at the booths and leading workshops. Over the four and half years as the Director of Marketing and Strategic Partnership for World Impact I have the honor of going to events around the country promoting our resources, skills and mission. I have a handful of ways I measure success, but none is more powerful than a personal connection. The friendship I now have with Tisa and Kirt is success. Their heart for the city is success.

So pray with me for them as they are trained and mentored. Pray for their marriage, that God will continue to grow them. Pray that they will continue to pursue the passion and calling God has put on their life. And pray for me, as I enter into conference season, that I will connect with the right urban leaders!

Peace to you,

Candy Gibson

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April 2, 2019 | Rev Dr Jasjit Singh

Thank you very much my sister I do pray for Tisa and Kirt for heavenly blessings on their married life and all success in their mission work. I do pray for you too that Lord may lead to and use you more and more in His Vineyard. Peace of Lord rests upon all of you.

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