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COVID-19 Response: Urban Church Relief Grants

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God-Sized Callings

God-Sized Callings

Urban leaders have the most amazing and crazy dreams for their cities! One of the things that I love doing the most in ministry is listening to those dreams and then saying to those leaders that they can and should pursue them! It is such a joy to come alongside them to help them accomplish their God-sized callings.

About six months ago, I met with a local urban pastor named Kurt. We meet every couple of weeks and have been building a real friendship. He was telling me how he has a heart to unify the churches in St. Louis through prayer. We talked about how many churches have discussed this issue of disunity and yet it seems to still be such an obstacle. We agreed that prayer would have the best chance to work.

Pastor Kurt then shared that he wanted to open his church every Wednesday from noon to 1 for a weekly hour of prayer for revival in our city. There would be no agenda, just Holy Spirit-led prayer. After he got done speaking about his amazing God-sized call, I asked, “So, when are we starting?”

Pastor Kurt stopped for a moment and really thought about it, because suddenly he felt like we could actually make this happen! One week later we had our first Wednesday prayer and now we have completed our 22nd week in a row of praying for unity in the city. You see, I have noticed that many urban leaders have these amazing callings on their lives but they have been told “No” so many times that they start to doubt their calls and never move forward. What a privilege to be able to affirm God’s call on men and women’s lives and to walk with them as they step out in faith.

Please join us as we pray for the city. Join us as we pray for the pastors and the leaders of the churches. Join us as we pray for the hurting, the poor, for addictions to be broken, and for the Gospel to spread. God is at work in the city and we are praying that many more like Pastor Kurt will continue to flesh out what God has called them to do. I can’t thank you enough for partnering with us to make it possible for us to hear these God-sized calls and simply encourage and help these urban leaders move forward!

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