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Pillar of Fire

Pillar of Fire

Long before Danny, Red, Martin, and Carlos were physically released from their prison cells, God had set them free spiritually. Although they were determined to live out their life sentences serving Jesus on the inside, they hoped and dreamed of a day when they would be released to minister together on the outside.

That day has come! In God’s sovereignty and within a three-year period, each of them has been released to San Diego and are now ministering together. They frequently reminisce of their dreams of this day and what they would do if it came true. Inside the walls of prison, mixing races is unheard of unless one wishes to die. The only place crossing racial lines occurs is at TUMI class or during worship services. Each of these men allowed the Spirit to work on their hearts to remove hatred and prejudice. As brothers in Christ, they ministered in unity leading and serving through Pillar of Fire, the church on the inside. Their lives speak of God’s amazing grace and power to transform our hearts and reconcile our differences.

Now, as each one has been released physically, their dreams are manifesting before them. In March, they began a monthly worship service, also called Pillar of Fire, to encourage other brothers being released from prison, unsaved family members, co-workers, etc. As the name Pillar of Fire suggests, they are waiting on the Spirit to direct their steps. Because of their story of racial reconciliation and in light of the current climate in our nation, they have been given several opportunities to share their story of reconciliation.

Please pray for Danny, Kevin, Martin and Carlos as they press into following the Spirit’s leading. Pray that they would stand firm in the Lord’s mighty power against the enemy’s schemes against them for we are not ignorant of the enemy’s desire to destroy the work of God. Thank you for your faithful prayers and partnership with us!

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