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Second Annual Prison Revival

Second Annual Prison Revival

This month we will hold our 2nd annual prison revival in the medium unit at Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Kansas. Last year we had a time of worship, testimonies, and an altar call where guys could come forward for salvation and prayer. It was a powerful time that brought out about 100 brothers.  

Since the last prison revival, two new church plants have started on the inside. What is unique about these services is that while they are supported and empowered by World Impact staff and ministry partners, they are run completely by the inmates. The worship, preaching, and leading of communion is all planned and led by the brothers inside. It has been a year of great growth and many new men have come to know Christ through this time.  

Several months ago the main leader in the medium unit, Adam, started talking to me about doing another prison revival this year. He wanted it to be even better than last year and wanted to have a Christian Rap concert in order to attract a new crowd! I asked Adam to share his vision for the program this year and the next day he sent me a letter explaining that because the men in their churches have grown so much, he wanted to show the warden and all those involved how much they had grown. This is exactly what we have been working towards this year—to equip and empower the men on the inside to lead. They now feel equipped and are taking it seriously. I told him I would start to work on getting the artists to commit to performing at the event and coordinating some of the other details from the outside and we would see what would happen.  

The leaders from both of the churches will run the entire revival this year and we are blessed to have several local artists and Json, a nationally known Christian rapper, leading the music entertainment. Adam, and other leaders on the inside, will emcee, give testimonies, preach, and lead the prayer time. They have been promoting this event on the inside and report that this could be the largest live event ever held at this prison. We are bringing in over 20 volunteers to encourage and support these men during the revival and we are fully expecting the Holy Spirit to move in a great way. Please join us in praying for the leaders and all those who will attend this monumental event.  

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September 1, 2016 | Katie

Will be praying

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