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Vicki’s Retreat Testimony

Vicki’s Retreat Testimony

I was really struggling because I had become a kinship foster parent to my grandsons right before my first retreat in 2012. The World Impact staff in St Louis then didn’t think I’d be able to make it but I did! Getting away from the sirens and not having a TV was fantastic! I’ve enjoyed meeting all these new people – it builds my strength, they are my other family – I see them once a year. When I come to retreats, God builds my character and strengthens me to go back to the rough neighborhood I come from. I am reminded that God has my back and I can try to stand for Him in my neighborhood. When I come to retreat, it is total calm and quiet and I’m refreshed to go back! I love getting and giving that big hug that I’ve been waiting a year for!

This year, I learned that I do have to be FIERCE in this world and I have to have my armor on every day. I brought one of my daughters two years ago and next year my oldest granddaughter will be 18 and I really want her to come! I feel so welcome when I come here – this is my family!

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