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COVID-19 Response: Urban Church Relief Grants

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Why Are You Here?

Why Are You Here?

Back in 1991 when I first started in ministry, my mentor told me to take an index card and write “Why are you here?” I was to tape it on my desk as a reminder every time I sat down that ministry happens “in the field” as he put it. As a pastor my job was to be among the people unless I had a good reason to sit behind that desk.

Utilizing that principle, I’ve made it a point in my schedule is to see our work in action at least once a month. The first event I attended in 2019 was our church plant summit in Wichita. I spoke on the intersection of evangelism and justice and was well received.

I spent the first part of March in Nairobi, Kenya, meeting with present partners and cultivating new ones. Boaz, one of our present partners, started one of our theological sites (Maquor Institute) which just held its first graduation of 24 students. The great news is there are around 40 students ready to become a part of the second class. In addition, the 24 who graduated have a desire to continue their studies at an accredited school. Their desire was a driving force for my presence in Nairobi. Through a partnership with Burnham Ministries International, I was able to spend the week with key Christian leaders.

In the group were pastors of churches, leaders of denominations, and profs at Christian universities. Daystar, Africa Nazarene, Scott Christian, Africa International, and International Leadership University were the major schools represented. I’m hoping that eventually some of these schools will become academic partners with us, and students trained through our sites can continue studies at these and other fine schools.

Being “in the field” among those we partner with was a powerful reminder of just how valuable our mission is. World Impact empowers urban leaders and partners with local churches to reach their cities with the Gospel. I believe the people we train are some of the finest and courageous folk in ministry today. Thanks for partnering with us to make it happen.  

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