We are continually seeking ways to serve church and ministry leaders around the world for the purpose of spreading the Gospel. Below, Chad Wolyn shares about fruitful Trauma Healing trainings in Central America and West Africa: 

We just finished another fruitful and powerful training school for strategic leaders across Central America. Their three-year vision is to plant 144 new churches as they equip the next generation of leaders in the church and to win their cities, neighborhoods, and regions for Christ.

First, we trained four leaders to become deans of their own church-plantings schools, equipping them with the resources, theology, missiology, support, and strategies. The four will focus primarily on the nations of El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Next, we immediately partnered with these four leaders (instead of just doing everything ourselves) to help them train their first 12 church planters at their church-planting schools. Their vision is to host their church-planting schools twice a year so that they can constantly be raising up leaders and sending out church-plant teams all over Central America. These four leaders are working together to support one another, which we believe is a key component of long-term success.

In our last prayer letter, we mentioned the group of over 20 French-speaking men and women that are faculty, students, and alumni of a university in Cameroon (Africa), Institut Universitaire de Développement International. The amount of trauma, war, violence, death, betrayal, and other cultural dynamics mostly unseen in the US that were shared over the course of our three-month training was eye opening.

The hope is to continue and expand the training on-site within a year because each leader has many others that he or she knows that want and need the same training. As we train the trainer, we create a platform for these strong leaders to take these trainings even further than we could ever do on our own. Here is a picture of some of those that were trained and equipped.

Words are not enough, but we “Thank You!” for your prayers (they really make a difference) and for every dollar you sow into this ministry as we partner to see more people equipped and empowered to win their communities – communities of poverty full of desperate need – for our gracious and loving God.

Thank you again for joining us in sharing the hope of the Gospel around the world!