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Practical training paired with community emboldens our leaders

At World Impact, we believe that our urban leaders deserve resources and concise, practical hands-on training. One of the ways we do this is by hosting retreats for all leaders. Our retreats are offered in Spanish and English and provide ways to connect with other workers, forge friendships, share best practices, receive powerful teaching, and find encouragement.

Leaders who live and minister in communities of poverty deserve the encouragement, community, and training they need to sustain their ministries.

Leadership retreats rejuvenate urban ministries

When you partner with World Impact, you ensure that urban church leaders and workers get the resources and support they need to revitalize their faith and sustain their ministries in communities of poverty.


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Retreats revitalize our leaders

Renee is not her real name. She has a real name and a real identity, but that was almost stripped away when she was trafficked at a young age. Millions of people are trafficked every year, and most of them remain nameless. The goal of the trafficker is to strip away any sense of personal autonomy, boundaries, identity, and desire for freedom. That’s what happened to Renee.

But she escaped. Even though she has attended programs to help her cope with trauma, regain her sense of self, and enter back into normal relationships, her ability to trust has been crushed, and her loneliness has been difficult to overcome.

Finding Hope

Renee was invited to a retreat using World Impact’s Trauma Healing curriculum. Retreats provide a safe environment for one’s relationship with God to be refreshed and for trust to be rebuilt. Renee found that, though not everyone at her retreat was a trafficking survivor, everyone had experienced adversity that made a connection with God and others more complex.

Through her experience at the retreat, Renee gained the community she needed, revitalized her faith, and thus gained the boldness to take steps into her future.

Renee's story is possible because of your generosity

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