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Trauma Healing

Trauma Healing

Trauma is everywhere. People are gaining more awareness of how trauma impacts a life not at just the incident and recovery level – but if unaddressed or repressed, it can have a huge negative impact on a life.

Trauma Healing equips church leaders with basic mental health and biblical principles to better respond to their own inner pain and that of others. Once trained and certified, trauma healing facilitators provide basic trauma care.

Trauma can create a barrier to people engaging with Scripture. Hearts are hardened by anger and bitterness, and the seed falls on this hard ground and does not take root. People may read the Bible; but they may not let its message get into their hearts.

Trauma Healing research began in 2001 in response to the needs of church leaders in African war zones. It has spread to all the continents and has been translated into many languages. Trauma healing helps us to fulfill the gospel of Jesus Christ, setting the captives free (Is. 61:1-4). We partner with American Bible Society's Trauma Healing Institute to offer this program.

* If you are interested in participating in a Trauma Healing Group or one of the trainings below, contact Lisa Entz at lentz@worldimpact.org.

Trauma Healing

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