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Announcing World Impact U! Learn online anywhere, anytime.

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Welcome to World Impact U!

All of our partner training for church leaders and workers in communities of poverty is now accessible online! World Impact U empowers churches, denominations, and ministry networks to train their leaders for ministry.

For a limited time, we’re offering two FREE preview courses! Choose Dr. Alvin Sanders’ Redemptive Poverty Work or the Program Preview Course, which samples an actual lesson from each of our programs.

Explore our Courses

Go through our courses and programs at your own pace. Training designed for the urban context – it’s all here and it’s all for YOU.

From church planting and church-based seminary, to trauma healing, prison ministry and retreats programming and leadership. We’ve been living, working and serving in these communities for 50 years and we believe in your calling; it’s how we serve God and how we serve Kingdom-builders. So sign up now and explore what World Impact U has to offer you.

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