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A Safe Haven

A Safe Haven

In prisons across America, God is using The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) to transform lives and grow His Church. Lives like Lamont and Greg’s—two men who met on the inside, took TUMI classes, were separated upon release, and guided back together by God’s hand for Kingdom-building work.

Lamont was saved at a young age, but the struggles of life led him to drugs and incarceration. Once released, he got married but soon fell back into old habits and a life of illegal activity. During his second time in prison, God began a transforming work in Lamont’s life and used TUMI to help him grow and mature.

After Lamont was released from prison a second time, he ended up homeless. During his time on the street, God reunited him with his wife, Christina. God’s hand of provision continued to show up, and soon Lamont had a job and a place to stay. The subsidized hotel in downtown San Diego might not have seemed ideal, but God placed a call on Lamont and Christina to begin Little by Little Ministries in the hotel lobby. Little by Little hosts outreach services and provides food and assistance to the homeless in the area.

Like Lamont, Greg found himself on the street upon his release from prison. He was homeless for six weeks and lived behind a dumpster for shelter and protection. It wasn’t hopeless, however, as Greg testifies, “He (Christ) didn’t save me out of my mess, He saved me through it, and gave me a message.” The Lord soon reunited Greg with Lamont through Little by Little Ministries. Greg started living at the same hotel and received a job working at the front desk. He now assists Lamont with Little by Little Ministries. Greg has continued his TUMI studies and trusts the Lord to heal and restore his marriage.

Because of Lamont and Greg’s obedience, God transformed what was once a place known for drugs and prostitution into a safe haven. Lamont (TUMI Class ’16) and Greg are open to starting a church at the hotel and plan to participate in the Evangel School of Urban Church Planting in San Diego. Their story of redemption and providence is a taste of what God can do through urban leaders once they are equipped, trained and empowered. They have transformed their community! 

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