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COVID-19 Response: Urban Church Relief Grants

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Education as Formation

Education as Formation

There is evidence-based research that suggest that there is increased success of Black and Brown children in public schools when the church is involved. Research shows when there is an increased support of urban churches and local neighborhood schools who partner together for the good of the community, young people are more successful. It is my belief that the church has an important role to play in how young people in our communities achieve and have access to higher education.

I believe that our churches and faith-based institutions remain an untapped source of educational empowerment for student learning. The church has the ability to equip, empower and release a new generation of leaders for the public good. If there was a solid relationship between churches in our neighborhoods and the local neighborhood school, I believe we would find that students in our community would perform much better as well as have a better sense of self when faced with both social and academic challenges.

It was not too long ago that I sat in a Sunday school classroom reading the stories of David and Goliath. I still remember memorizing scripture for an upcoming Easter program so that I would be prepared to speak in front of 300 adults that would be present the following Sunday. I still remember hearing the preacher say that “You are somebody in God’s eyes.” These are things that can’t be measured on school data dashboards but have huge implications and impacts on public school classrooms.

One of the most important things a church can do for the people in their community is to be part of creating the next generation leaders. We need leaders who understand their calling and also is formed in Christ-like character.  

The reality is that churches need schools and schools need churches if we are going to see transformation in communities across this country. That's why education is one of our major initiatives at World Impact. Our two schools in Los Angeles and Newark focus on a three pronged approach: family, schools, and pastor (church). We believe these three foundations can have a positive profound effect on the students we serve. We become a resource for underserved communities who don't have a viable option when it comes to solid Christian education.

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