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Urban Christian Education

Urban Christian Education

Our vision is to empower urban Christian leaders to powerfully advance God’s Kingdom in the city. We believe that an essential component to realizing this vision is nurturing young urban leaders and providing them with an environment that teaches them how to be strong in the Lord mentally and spiritually.

In many urban neighborhoods the education is inadequate. As a response, World Impact provides quality, Christian education in our schools in Los Angeles, California, and Newark, New Jersey. We have a total of 186 K-8 students who come each day to a safe environment to be nurtured not only mentally but spiritually as well. Each of these children will one day have influence in their communities, and it is our prayer that they will grow up to transform their communities for God’s Kingdom!

Recently Newark Christian School missionary and teacher asked his students what they had learned from the school year so far. Jason shares:

“I asked a few students for their input regarding this year at NCS. Jolene, in the eighth grade, said she felt school was like a family. She likes the strong Christian environment, and there are a lot of opportunities to go different places... Stacey, in the sixth grade, also said NCS feels like a family. She said she has learned to treat others the way she wants to be treated and to pray for those that have wronged her…One (student) said he likes his Evangelism Explosion class when he learns how to spread the Gospel to others.”

Thank you again for supporting our teachers and schools. Through these compassion ministries, seeds are being sown into young lives who will grow into adults able to change their communities for the Kingdom of God!


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