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Elisa’s Retreat Testimony

Elisa’s Retreat Testimony

This was my third year coming to retreats. The first time I came to the RELEASED retreat, I was newly sober and new to church and I just wanted to see what this would look like. It was life-changing and I came back every year since! God is working here! So many people come to God here and I feel like I found my voice in God here at retreat, found my footing here. I am able to hear Him better when I’m at retreat and He speaks clearly to me when I’m here. My favorite part of the retreats is definitely the sisterhood! I have never been around so many women that get along. That is amazing in itself! Our church has an annual tradition of getting lost on the way to the cross and I love that too! It wouldn’t be the same if we found our way up the first time. It’s a tradition now and I love it. I think the retreats carry on in our church through our relationships. Our church has a big turnout at our women’s groups and I think the retreat helps that. We forge bonds at retreat and it carries on throughout the year. You get to know people better here that you wouldn’t get to know just in a few minutes after church.

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