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Evangel Gathering

Evangel Gathering

The Evangel Gathering may come to be regarded as an historical turning point that changes the course of missions both globally and locally.

Nearly 100 leaders responded to our invitation to gather on the belief that the Spirit of the Lord is calling and gifting the poor to preach the Gospel of Jesus in order that new churches would be established in the most neglected and hardened places in America and the world. From presidents of major church planting organizations to the formerly incarcerated, we worshipped, fellowshipped and collaborated together with this single belief.

Our plenary speakers inspired and challenged us to “never give up” and to cry out, “Lord, help me get one more.” At each session we saw the population clock click in real time approximately 140 births each minute. The vastness of the lost who need the hope of salvation demands us to totally surrender everything to His Great Commission task. Souls are at stake and the Gospel is the only power to rescue one from the kingdom of darkness and transfer that eternal soul into the Kingdom of God.

Lamont Little, formerly incarcerated, a graduate of TUMI (The Urban Ministry Institute), equipped at our Evangel School of Urban Church Planting, and now planting a church among the poor said this about the Evangel Gathering: “We can’t thank you enough for the love and the true dedication you have to the kingdom of God. The Conference was life changing. I feel refreshed and now I feel connected. I had no idea how many people are behind us. We thank you and we have work to do . . . some of our first days. I really feel like the Lord is leading me to San Diego and beyond . . . getting more involved in regional, national, and the international level. Pray with me on what that means.”

Lamont is one of thousands the Lord is calling and gifting to proclaim the Gospel and start church planting movements. The enemy is not pleased with our vision to identify, equip, commission, and release the least of these to boldly and clearly preach the Gospel leading to countless souls coming to obedient faith in Jesus. Tens of thousands of new churches will be planted. God’s hand is upon our vision – The Gospel of the Kingdom proclaimed by the empowered urban poor to every people group, through indigenous churches and movements.

This is what we pray for, what we work for, what we sacrifice for. 

We need new Kingdom partners to join us in this turning point in missions. Please pray for us, and for these leaders. Please consider how you might collaborate together with us to win the world!

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