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God’s Love for His Children

God’s Love for His Children

As this school year is quickly coming to a close, my wife Solmary and I are constantly reminded of God's faithfulness and His unwavering love for His children. Each day we see more and more students desiring to know the Christ that we are constantly teaching them about. Students at Newark Christian School are being more vocal and open in their questions about God, which is a testament to their hunger to learn more about Him. In such a short time, we have witnessed an amazing progression of various students in their behavior, attitudes, and work ethic. All the credit to the Lord! We ask that you continue to pray for these students as they continue to dive in the Word of The Lord and grow in their relationships with Him.  

One thing that I've had the privilege of doing throughout the school year is leading our chapel services each Thursday morning. While I have been preaching the Word of God to various congregations from a young age, there is nothing like presenting a Bible lesson to young kids from Kindergarten to eighth grade. Seeing these children raising their hands in worship, answering questions and being engaged throughout chapel time is a true blessing that can't be explained in words. However, the best part is when later on in the day a student comes to me and says, "Mr. Colón! I felt the Holy Spirit today in chapel! Your teaching really touched me!" The feeling of joy in knowing that God is touching these students is amazing.  

Our desire is to not only tell our students about Christ, but to demonstrate a Christ-like life. Some of our students do not have a father in their home, or their own bedroom, or a stable home environment. For this reason, we understand that although teaching subject material is part of our job, we also use any chance we get to minister one-on-one with our students to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ. Please pray as the school year comes to an end, that there will be an outpouring of His Spirit on these kids, and that their lives will be changed forever.

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