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Transformation Inside and Out

Transformation Inside and Out

Randy and Monica grew up together; they had been friends most of their lives. Their friendship was filled with ups and downs, but neither of them could have planned the journey God had for them.

Randy’s journey landed him in jail. For some, this is where the story ends, but for Randy God used this time to begin a redemptive work in his life. While in prison Randy heard about The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), which offers seminary-level classes for those ministering in the urban poor context. He signed up and for four years he studied along with seven other students. After graduation, they immediately began putting what they had learned into practice as leaders in the prison church.  

The entire time Randy was in jail, Monica felt led to correspond with, encourage, and give him support. As their friendship grew, Monica and her son began to see Randy’s heart for the Lord. They both felt the Lord’s hand in their relationship and desired to get married.

However, Monica and Randy knew they needed Biblical counseling for marriage, so they asked World Impact missionary Daren Busenitz, who taught in one of Randy’s TUMI courses. The prison allowed Daren to meet with the couple for six marriage-counseling sessions, which was followed by a wedding!  

Currently Monica is counting down the days until Randy will be released, but she isn’t sitting idly while she waits. Monica began a ministry to support and encourage the families of inmates. This past Christmas, she cast vision, raised money, and coordinated a powerful evening of fellowship, worship, and teaching to give hope and encouragement to families who were experiencing many of the same struggles she was.

The Lord is using both Randy and Monica on the inside and outside to impact others for the Kingdom. Together as a family, they are already a strong team and powerful witness to Christ and His message of hope to those who feel hopeless.

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